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June 16, 2015

3 quick &- easy face mask recipes to naturally revive tired skin

A relaxing face mask is a great way to unwind over the weekend. With simple ingredients from your kitchen, you can make the most delightful of […]
June 15, 2015

The Smelly Truth About Deodorant

Chances are your morning ritual includes the application of deodorant to keep you smelling and feeling fresh all day.  While there’s a lot to be said […]
June 14, 2015
Our Skin Eats Whatever We Feed It

Our Skin Eats Whatever We Feed It

If I were to offer you a meal made of Parafinnum liquidum, PEG-150, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, propylparaben, simethicone, BHT, parfum, limonene, geraniol, linalool, hydroxycitronellal, hydroxyisohexyl […]
June 13, 2015

Twist, Bend, Flex And Stretch: Yoga Poses Pave The Way For Radiant Skin

&nbsp- &nbsp- &nbsp- Because your skin is a reflection of your physical and mental health, activities that nurture the body and soul will also benefit your […]