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July 4, 2015
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by Alexandra Blunn

The simple yet relaxing ritual of bathing is one of the oldest forms of winding down, cleansing and promoting wellbeing.  The art of bathing was made popular during the third century by the Greeks and Romans with the trend of elaborate bath emporiums that were used for an array of purposes such as social networking, business and general gossip!  Through the ages the experience of bathing has evolved to the humble bathroom where we usually spend a good amount of time rushing to get to work, bathing our children, cleaning and sometimes…relaxing!

Running a warm bath and taking some time to chill out can be tremendously beneficial to our health and wellbeing and an inexpensive way to enjoy some well-earned solitude.  Create a tranquil ambience by lighting some soy candles around the bath, playing some relaxing music and adding some soothing essential oils to the water.  Before you get into the bath try dry body brushing and using a body scrub to exfoliate your skin, apply your body brush or scrub using circular motions focusing on dry areas like your elbows and knees using upward flowing movements, this will help to prepare your skin for absorption of oils and bath salts and aid in cleansing and detoxifying your skin and body.

While you enjoy your fragrant warm bath make the most of your time out by applying a scrub and masque to your face and keep well hydrated with a glass of cool water or fresh juice.  If you don’t have a bath at home try popping a few drops of essential oil in the shower…the combination of fragrance and steam is amazing!! When you hop out of the bath or shower apply a thick layer of rich body butter all over to nourish and hydrate your skin…Enjoy!


For a truly relaxing experience try adding these lovely products to your bath and body….

  • A few drops of essential oil, such as a beautiful blend of lavender, bergamot.
  • Mineral Bath salts are relaxing and revitalising and will soften your skin too.


Make your own herbal bath infuser.

What you will need:

1      30cm x 30cm square of muslin cloth

2      ½ a cup of organic oats

3      A squeeze of honey

4      A few drops of your favourite calming essential oils (try a lavender blend)

5      Add a sprig of lavender and any herbs from your garden that you like

6      30 cm of string

Place all the ingredients in the centre of the fabric and twist the fabric securing it with some string so all the ingredient are firmly in place. Drop the infuser into the bath while the hot water is running and enjoy the fragrance through the warm steam.