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Face SteamingFace Steaming

The use of steam for health &amp- beauty is a practice that originated in Ancient Rome and is still used today for its profound therapeutic benefits. Face steaming is an effective technique that works by opening the pores and removing impurities, thereby deeply cleansing and replenishing moisture. The result is soft, fresh, radiating skin.

Facial steaming is a popular, easy and inexpensive method that is used to deep cleanse and moisturise the face but it has other health benefits too. It is also helpful for relieving blocked sinuses, alleviating asthma and helps prevent acne.

Plus it is also totally natural and safe!




Floral Face Steam

What you’ll need:

A big cooking pot

2-3 litres of Water

Flower petals (rose, lavender, calendula or chamomile work well)

Essential Oil (rose or lavender are perfect for normal skin)

15 minutes


Bring the water to the boil, add the flower petals and 2-4 drops of essential oil, let the mixture steep with the lid on for a few minutes. Place the pot on a table or bench and remove the lid. Place the towel over your head and then lower your face and towel over the steaming pot. Stay there for 7-10 minutes, taking care not to burn yourself. When finished rinse your face with warm water and apply a toner.

Note: For sinus relief ditch the petals and use peppermint or eucalyptus oil instead. For asthma it is best not to add anything in case of allergic reaction.