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By Brooke Chaplan

Wearing plain old ponytails everyday and night, can get a bit monotonous. There are many ways to style your hair and look amazing without having to visit a salon, and all it takes is a few products, and bobby pins. Here are five quick updos you can do yourself.

Twisted Updo

This hairdo works best with loosely curled hair. Start by teasing the back of your head using a comb to make a bump with your hair. Grabbing two bobby pins, pull the hair back and push the bump up, then secure with the pins in horizontally. Pull the hair in front of your ears to the front to get it out of the way while you grab the remaining hair in the back. Gather your hair and pull it up to where the first two bobby pins were, and secure more pins to keep it in place. With the two sections of hair pulled toward the face near each ear, start twisting a small piece loosely, while grabbing more hair as you work your way toward the back of your head. secure the section of hair right on top of the first two bobby pins and insert a pin going against the direction you twisted. Repeat the process with the other side. To ensure that the hairstyle lasts throughout the night, spray with hairspray.

The Double Bun

This hairstyle requires elastic bands and a duckbill clip to hold hair out of the way. You want to separate the top section of hair by clipping it up so that you can make a bun with the lower section first. Gather your hair and ball it up, using an elastic band to secure the hair in place. Release the top section of hair and do the same, just above the lower bun. This style looks better if it’-s a little messy, so don’-t worry about making everything sleek and perfect.

Easy hair styles

The Fancy Ponytail

While this is still a ponytail, it has a bit more texture than your everyday average go-to style. You will need a comb, elastic band, and some bobby pins. First start by teasing your hair to create volume. Pull your hair back, and use your elastic band to hold the ponytail in place, then grab a small section of hair from the bottom to wrap around the elastic. Using bobby pins, secure the small section near the bottom of the ponytail so that they don’-t show.

The French Twist

Tease all of your hair using a comb, then smooth it over very lightly using your fingers. Starting on one side, pull your hair back toward the back of your head and secure the piece with a bobby pin. Grab another pin and make an X by putting it right over the first pin. Making three sections on each side will make pinning the hair down much easier since the hair won’-t be as thick. On the other side, you want to pull the hair back and twist while covering the bobby pins you have already placed. Continue until all your hair has been pulled back and secured with the pins. For an added touch, you can embellish your hair with an elegant clip.

Classic Updo

This style is very simple, and even easier if you have curly hair. Use hair serum products for curly hair to make the curls look sleek and smooth. Gather your hair in a high ponytail, and secure with an elastic band. Grabbing sections from the ponytail, you want to loop the pieces inward and secure them bobby pins until all of the hair has been pinned. If you enjoy accessorizing your hair, using a headband or small flower clips will make this style stand out even more. Use a hairspray to secure the locks in place, and you’-re finished!   As you can see, these styles are very easy to do and require only a few materials. Whether you’-re on a date or at a dance, these styles are sure to impress and are easy on the wallet for those on a budget.

“-Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger from Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves to hike, bike and run. Since graduating from the University of New Mexico she has written for family, health, and beauty blogs. Contact her via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.”-