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by Lana Wilde

Want acne free skin?Acne is one of the most disheartening dermatological conditions affecting both adults and teenagers all over the world. Although the exact cause of acne remains unknown most dermatologists agree what we eat is more often than not a contributing factor.

Crappy food combined with excess sebum production (often caused by what we eat), hormones and bacteria are the perfect storm for acne sufferers. Research studies by American Academy of Dermatology (ADD) have shown foods that cause or worsen acne are also responsible for other skin disorders that exacerbate the troubled skin by swelling oil glands and increasing bacterial growth in the hair follicles.

Like it or not, your diet is a major contributing factor of your skins health and a good diet is essential to avoid skin problems. Here are some of the foods deemed by dermatologists to trigger or aggravate acne and should be avoided for a healthy, spot free complexion.

Caffeinated drinks

Caffeine has the ability to trigger adrenal glands to discharge stress hormones which can subtly increase our stress levels. Stress is detrimental to our overall health and this includes the health of our skin. For stress free skin avoid foods containing caffeine such as coffee, chocolate and black tea. The best skin drink is pure water.

Milk and other dairy products

Some dairy products, such as cheese and ice cream, can exacerbate acne in your body. The milk produced by a pregnant cow, is converted into Dihydrotestorone, a hormone that when ingested by humans boosts the production of sebum in skin glands. Excess sebum clogs pores and causes acne. People prone to acne are best to avoid diary products. The good news is that you can opt for soy milk and soy products instead.

Fried foods

Fried foods are high in fat and not only do they contribute to weight gain, but also increase blood sugar levels, resulting in skin inflammation.


Not all carbohydrates are created equally. There is such a thing as ‘good’ carbs and these are found in fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. ‘Bad’ carbs are found in highly processed foods and can cause adverse skin conditions, namely acne. So, if you are quite concerned about your skin health, avoid processed foods such as bread, flour, chips and biscuits and go for organic foods instead.


Lana Wilde believes that nature offers numerous remedies. As she works as an online researcher, she frequently explores the advances in organic products and cosmetic industry development.