5 easy tips to Makeover your Bedroom and create your own blissful haven

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Blissful BedroomOur bedrooms are our own personal retreats. A private space for our individual wellbeing and a place where we can withdraw from the world to rebalance, distress, rest and repose.

Follow these simple tips to create a your own serene sleep sanctuary.

  1. DE-CLUTTER –- Disorganisation affects your mood and creates a cluttered mind. Start by sorting out all unused personal effects. Anything you have not used or worn for 12 months (including old cosmetics) throw out or give away. Old items that have sentimental meaning but no use place in a keepsake box, old suitcase or trunk. Take a few minutes each morning to make your bed and clear piles of clothes. Walking into to a clutter free space will heighten your mood and give you mental space to spend time doing things you enjoy.
  2. RE-DECORATE – Placement of furniture can either enhance invisible energy flow or stifle it.  Stick to essential furniture items to allow breathing room and to give you a sense of space. A psychological feeling of space allows your mind to expand.
  3. LIGHT –  A dark bedroom is great for a good night sleep but will create a drab and dingy daytime atmosphere. If you are lucky enough to have a window in your bedroom use it to its advantage. Open the curtains during the day to allow the natural light to stream in. If privacy is an issue or your view is less than inspiring, install sheer curtains or one way blinds. Overlay these with block out blinds or curtains for daytime sleeps or night.  If your room has little or no natural light and your resources allow have a window installed or even a skylight.
  4. COLOUR – It is a long known fact that colour affects mood. At my local high school hyperactive kids were sent to the ‘green room’. Green is a soothing colour that promotes restfulness. In the bedroom, white walls offer a calm and meditative background and a blank canvas for decorating with soft furnishings in colours to suit your emotional or spiritual disposition. Refer to the psychology of colour chart below for colour inspiration. In the bedroom it is best to avoid stimulating colours such as red and pinks as these colours can increase your pulse rate and blood pressure. Opt for softer cooler hues that promote relaxation and creativity.
  5. ATMOSPHERE – Our bedrooms should nurture and embrace us. There are a few easy ways to instantly enhance the ‘feel good’ atmosphere of your room. Mood lighting is a great way to add a warm and subtle glow. Lamps are practical and versatile and come in diverse range of styles, colours and textures. Choose a soft warm bulb.  Lighting a candle, burning incense or diffusing oils can contribute to an atmosphere of well being. Choose scents that are calming and relaxing and don’t overstimulate the mind. If possible select quality essential oils. The best essential oils for the bedroom promote happiness and restfulness. If you are new to essential oils begin with orange, lemon, rose, jasmine, lemon, lavender chamomile or geranium. Blends are lovely too!
  6. COMFORT – Maximise your comfort by splurging on quality linen and the perfect pillow. Quality bed linen will enhance your sense of comfort and improve your sleep.  Satin pillowslips are also reputed to keep facial lines at bay! A cosy bed is an absolute must. If your mattress is old, lumpy or sinks in places then it is time to get a new one. When selecting a mattress choose the one that is best for your height, weight and posture. Bed technology has come along way in recent years so do your research and get advice from the experts.